The Wyden

*** only available in Enjin version ***

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*** only available in Enjin version ***

The Wyden

Level 1 Stats:

Quality: Legendary
Countdown: 4
Damage: 2
Health: 6

Empower: Killing blows increase Attack Power by the Attack Power of the victim.

There will be only 700 Wyden available, minted on the collapsing model, the first Legendary card in Kingdom Karnage.

The Wyden grants access to an Exclusive Tournament, whereby whenever you play a 1v1 player vs player match and both players have a Wyden in their deck, a Tournament Match occurs.

At the end of this Tournament Match, the winners Wyden consumes the losers card and gains its power. The backed ENJ will be split between the 2 players. Win lots of tournament matches and win lots of ENJ as you go. When enough power is acquired the card levels up.

This will continue until there is only 1 Wyden left. A tournament of legendary proportion.

“There can be only one…”

The Wyden utilises this power absorption during game play with the ability “Empower: Killing blows increase Attack Power by the Attack Power of the victim”.

Should you be lucky enough to acquire more than 1 Wyden you will be able to combine them in Kingdom Karnage before entering combat, combining their power and levelling when enough power is acquired. Note that to keep the tournament fair you will not be able to combine beyond level 3 outside of the tournament.

With 700 Wyden being minted you can receive up to 6990 ENJ in the process.

To celebrate this fantastic tournament further there will also be prizes for the most “Tournament Victories”.
1st 2,500 ENJ
2nd 1,500 ENJ
3rd 1,250 ENJ
4th 1,000 ENJ
5th 750 ENJ
6th 500 ENJ
7th 400 ENJ
8th 300 ENJ
9th 200 ENJ
10th 100 ENJ

To ensure that anyone who acquires a Wyden receives a permanent reflection of their investment we are adding the Wyden Hero.

When you equip a Wyden in your deck you will unlock a new Hero. The hero has a higher base HP than other heroes. As your Wyden levels up, so does the base HP of your hero. Should your Wyden be defeated in tournament combat, you will receive a Hero Token with the same level as the Wyden you lost.

In the event that you have more than 1, your hero level will be set to equal that of the highest Wyden in your deck or Hero Tokens in your wallet.

Standard Hero 10 HP
Level 1 Wyden 15 HP
Level 2 Wyden 16 HP
Level 3 Wyden 17 HP
Level 4 Wyden 18 HP
Level 5 Wyden 19 HP
Level 6 Wyden 20 HP
Level 7 Wyden 21 HP
Level 8 Wyden 22 HP
Level 9 Wyden 23 HP
Level 10 Wyden 24 HP